Pick your favourite Lie For Me book cover

Take a look at all the covers and vote for your favourite book cover in the comment section

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is subjective what one finds beautiful someone else might consider it ugly. Creating a book cover worthy of captivating one's attention is difficult. It is like a game of cat and mouse, where one hopes to capture their love interest’s attention.

If you are an aspiring author, you know, coming up with a catchy title for your booklet alone a cover is hard. I often turn to music for inspiration & music pop star Joy's songs did the job. Her song heads and Tails helped me find the message I wanted to send through the title and cover to potential readers without saying too much. I made the title white because this colour, it is symbol purity around the world. I chose red for the background.

Red is the loudest colour in the room. It is open to interpretation. To some people, red stands for love, danger, passion; to others, it symbolises anger, revenge and sadness. There is no right or wrong meaning when it comes to the colour red. The reason, why I chose the colour red is that I wanted the reader to interpret the book cover their own way. Every prospective reader needs a clue to what the book is about before picking it up hence the visual centrepiece.

This is the most difficult, part of making a book cover. How do you give someone a clue without revealing your hand? Do you put a universal symbol or do you put an abstract object on the cover? What do you do? I always think its best to create multiple variations of a book cover. For Lie For Me, I created seven different book covers, each with well thought out centrepieces. I think found the one l liked but I am not sure its right. I wonder if you guys could pick a book cover which you would pick? Take a look at all the covers and vote for your favourite book cover in the comment section

1 Tear Drop

2. The twins

3. The Moon

4. New York

5. Faceless woman

6. Moon Light

7. Silhouette of a woman

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