My 2021 new years resolution

Happy New Year, everyone! The first day of 2021 is officially here and what better way to kick it off.

A new year, another chance to start over and put what happened the year before behind us. As of right now, nothing is yet set in stone. It is essential to keep going, no matter what obstacle comes your way. To stop is to give up hope & there is nothing worse than losing hope.

Despite living in a time of uncertainty, I have decided to join others in having a New years resolution. My resolution for this year is to become an effective communicator and complete my stories. Recently, I have realised I am not as open about my personal life as l would like. It is important to share more about myself because my personal experiences have influenced my work.

My mission has always been to remind people that they're not alone and that words have the power to break down the wall of isolation. I intend to use the power of words to continue to write and tell a story called Lie For Me. I hope my books help you escape to another world and make a lasting impression.

These are my new year resolutions for 2021. I would like to know what your goals for this year are? Comment down below.

Thank you for your loving support,


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