I have something to get off my chest

If you are an aspiring writer with terrible grammar, I want to let you know that you're not alone. For many of us, professional or hobbyist writers, it is hard to admit that we are not the kings and queens of words and punctuation. As society presumes us to be, to admit to having bad grammar is to confess that you're inadequate at the one thing you are supposed to be good at, even though you need help in this department more than others.

As it has always been the case for me, I have always struggled with having bad grammar throughout high school and even higher education. Each flaw made me question my ability to write & even reconsider pursuing it. Despite having multiple opportunities to improve, I failed to rise to the occasion. Instead, l shot myself in the foot & the missed opportunity to improve would come to haunt me later in my professional life. In the form of an email from my employer, expressing his distress of my lack of attention to detail.

This email was the wake-up call I needed. After I received it, I became paranoid, but I soon realised that my state of anxiety wasn't helping me get anywhere. I decided to take action by going back to basics and putting my ego aside. I spent everyday writing and correcting my grammar through Youtube videos and Grammarly. Over time I slowly improved. I have learned that having bad grammar doesn't make you a terrible writer its just means you need to improve.

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