Finding my passion in paradise

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Sometimes we need a temporary paradise to escape our reality. Paradise comes in many forms for instance hobbies or a vacation to an exotic island. My temporary paradise was writing. Writing allowed me to escape and to express myself in ways I thought I couldn't.

In writing, I found the peace of mind I have been looking for. However, the more stories I wrote, the more I realised that the characters in my stories were all trying to hold on to their a temporary paradise.

For their temporary paradise was the only place that gave them refuge from their reality. However, over time their constant escapes to paradise did them more harm than good. For the elephant was still in the room and wasn't going anytime soon. Until they decided to address the problem in the room.

The elephant left the room when they decided they were ready to address the problem in the room and in that moment they run out of temporary paradises. As they faced their problems head-on.

So you might be wondering why the hell am l writing about temporary paradises? Well, my temporary paradise helped me escape and it also helped me find my passion.

My name is Vanessa McMouse and I am a writer. When you read my books I will take you to paradise but at the same time, I will help you break out of your shell.

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