Reflecting on 2020

This year Christmas will be different, in many households, a loved one will be missing at the table. For the first time in history, many of us have been forced to break with tradition and celebrate Christmas differently. This Christmas, my thoughts are with the families who have been deeply affected by these challenging times. Despite the trials and tribulations to our daily lives, I want to thank our frontline health care workers and essential workers for their selfless work. I want to thank you for choosing to protect the vulnerable through your actions by staying at home.

2020 has been an unprecedented year it has forced us to reflect on what matters. To come together, against a common endeavour for the greater good of everyone. I have been truly touched and humbled by your outpouring loving support I have received from you throughout the year. I hope and pray I will continue to have the privilege to share more stories with you.

While we have been through challenging times, this time is different. Nations around the world have united to fight against a common cause. We will overcome this disease, the day where we will be able to hug our friends and family will come. We are all in this together as one. For all the good and difficult challenges you have been through this year, l wish you a peaceful Festive season.

If you have any thoughts on 2020, whether good or bad, please share them. In the comment section below

Thank you

Vanessa McMouse.

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