Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Death is a shock to the system that forces us goes through the seven stages of grief. So, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Death comes in many forms, the end of a relationship, dream, friendship, employment, letting go of old habits or a loved one. Death is something that we all go through.

When a death occurs, we suddenly find ourselves forced out of our comfort zone and suddenly faced with the unknown. At first, we are shocked and sad but then all that sadness, shock slowly turns into anger and the most ironic thing happens. We get stuck "anger stage" and delay the pleasure the light at the end of the tunnel.

Slowly, we fool ourselves into thinking that we are fine. When in fact we are deluding ourselves and using other things and people to distract us from dealing with our emotions.

While fuelling the flames of anger by telling ourselves we are "a victim" because nobody understands us or what we are going through. But how can we expect people to understand or even want to be around us? When we are inflicting pain on the ones we love while telling them that we help?

When we caught up in the anger phase. Most of us fail to realise that pushing people away instead of getting the love and attention we need from them.

The reason why l opened Chapter one of Patchwood with a death. Patchwood is one of those stories, were people like and you find out we are not alone. We find out what happens how people cope with death. Do people either keep going with their lives or fly to close to the sun and get burnt.

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