How Pain And Suffering Inspired Me To Write Patchwood

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

If I am being honest, my teenage years were nothing special, the only thing that made them unique was the fact that l became a better liar over time. So much so that l believed my lies. Behind the simile on my face, there was a war raging in my mind. My mind was a prison.

ill-equipped to deal with the monsters in my head, l took it out on those around me. When your pain you do stupid things. You feel justified & entitled to act in a disorderly manner and say harmful things, other people. It's only when you come out at the end of the tunnel, you realise what an awful you were and that you had no leg to stand on, no right, no excuse to do half of the shit you did. For while you were lashing out the world, you were also creating pain and suffering for others.

What started me on the road to recovery. Was when I stumbled upon a platform called Wattpad and read my first fanfiction book, Remember me. A typical teenage romance book with simple integrating ideas. This book and Wattpad would change my life. Wattpad would become my best friend during the difficult stages of my life and would later inspire me to write Patchwood. Writing Patchwood allowed me to express myself and today I happy to share with you.

Patchwood is a book about people who have not yet looked in the mirror because they are simply trapped in the prison that is their minds. I hope when you read this book you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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