A Vision Without A Plan

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

We live in an age where most people want to be successful, without a realistic plan. Despite knowing that, the most influential people in the world succeeded because they had a plan that was realistic. When I was fourteen years old, my mother sat me down and asked me a very important question “what you want out of life?”. I sat there silently, for I could not answer her question. As I could not find the right words to express. All that I knew at that time, is that I wanted to be successful. Fourteen-year-old had a vision but not a plan to make my vision come to life.

The lack of planning to make my vision come to life would lead to me going in circles and disappointment. Disappointment would me back to the drawing board to envision where I saw myself in the future. I Vanessa McMouse envisioned myself as an author and a marketer in the book publishing industry.

However, over time I would forget the “vision” I had for myself.

As the critical time of choosing career path, would cause me to envision a different future for myself. During the last year of high school, I started to envision myself as a primary school teacher because a job as a teacher guaranteed me security. The original vision that I had for myself become a distant memory. From a distant memory it became a mere dream. As frustration from failed attempts to get published and lack of planning to set it in. An ATAR score, would bring me back to earth and remind me of the vision I once had. This time, there would be no need for me to go back to the drawing board. For I already had a vision all I needed was a plan.

In the days I received my ATAR I learned two very important things. I am not always going to succeed the first time give something a go. When it comes to anything that I do, I have to have a plan.

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