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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

"Dream big work hard". This is the advice the most successful and influential people in the world give to people with big dreams. We all have big dreams but we never get the ball rolling to make our dreams come true. Cause we all have an "I can't do it" panic button.

As someone with big dreams, ambitions of becoming marketing strategist and an author. I myself am afraid of getting the ball rolling because l look at the mountain in front of me and l don't know how to overcome it. So I press the panic button. I press the panic button for many reasons. Ninety percent of the time l press the panic button because I am afraid of failing. I think a common fear shared by everyone. My mother, once told me “never let fear of failure stand in your way. failing is better than nothing”. My mother is right. Sometimes, failure is a blessing in disguise, failure is yet another opportunity to learn from your mistakes, to improve in areas where you lack and finally another chance to get better at things you’re already good at.

Sometimes l press the panic button because I care too much about what people think. If l have ever told you “l don't care what people think” l just wanted to let you know that was just a lie l told you (and myself). My sister says what people think of you doesn't matter and she's right. What people think of me doesn't matter, l can't police what people think me nor can l stop people from playing the role of a judge when the opportunity presents itself. At the end of the day what matters is what l think because at the end of the l am the one acting on and making the final decision.

There are moments where I tend to overthink things to the point of uncertainty where I start to doubt myself. So I end up pressing the panic button because l start questioning my decisions and choices. In those moments l throw in the towel without even trying and the fact l didn't even “try" always bothers me afterwards .

If a you have a panic button in your life because your afraid of failing, judgement and fear your not alone.

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