Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Equal is the second poem in my book Impaired. I wrote this poem because I felt l wasn't being treated as an equal but as a two-year-old. There have been instances in my life where people have noticed. That I have a disability and disregarded the idea of getting to know me as a person. This used to upset me and have an impact on my self-esteem (still does). Now I am not going to lie, I have to be fortunate to have people overlook my disability and get to know me. However, I have noticed one thing about those who those who don't see me as their equal but as a two-year-old is that they're not educated or aware of disabilities and that's not necessarily their fault.

There is a big disconnection between people who have disabilities and people who don't in society. People without disabilities disconnected from this topic because there haven't educated about disabilities. Thier have heard the word "D" word being thrown around but most of them have the misconception if you're disabled you're a "Retard" due to lack education and awareness so they don't see people with disabilities as their equal but as a two-year-old.

I think I speak for myself here the lack of awareness and education is what gets most people like me with disabilities frustrated. Due to lack of awareness people don't understand we are fully and equally just capable of them. We are just like everyone else only that in some aspects of our life we need help.

I wan't to Know your opinion on this topic about people with disabilities not being treated equally due to lack of education and awareness about disabilities.

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