I can definitely say without a doubt in my mind I was on a warpath when I wrote Impaired. At the start of the year, I had made it my mission to discuss issues that people with disability face, however, I realized I was going in the wrong direction. Raising awareness about disabilities and trying to change people’s opinions or perception. Was a waste of time for me. As I was not even comfortable with myself. Mentally and physically due to my disability. So when I wrote impaired because I was looking for someone to blame instead of dealing with the internal conflict l was facing.

Henceforth the reason why I went back to the drawing board by facing my problem. Over the course of this year, l have been getting better more comfortable and become gaining a new perspective. However, I still have a long way to go. In order for someone to empower other people, they must be empowered themselves. To raise awareness you must be aware of what you're talking about.

So you might be thinking what the hell does my self-esteem, disability has to do. With the book, I published at being of the year and never looked at again. Called Impaired. Well, it has a lot to do with it. You see I had a lot my ideas for my book Impaired and let's say I didn't go forward with those ideas because I wasn’t empowered I was dis-empowered. Now that on the right path...I want to bring my ideas to light. I want to use my biggest insecurity the sound of my voice to empower myself and other people . Give people a new perspective by decoding my book Impaired.

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