"I believe words have the power to break down the wall of isolation. Especially in today's age where today we are more unlikely confide our family and friends about our problems. So, we are more lonely and isolated than ever. I write my stories to remind people they not alone. "

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It is easy to make the mistake of judging a book by its cover.  It is easy to think we know who the angel is and who the devil is. So what happens when things start to unravel and the people of Patchwood find themselves searching for a temporary paradise to escape their reality.

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 Fear steals your joy,  hope and your love for all things beauty in life. To the point where you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel or be present.  

The way we get by

The word impaired is an adjective. The word impaired means damaged or weak. Impaired is an emotional poetry book about disabilities.

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